Below is the link to Debbie Hepplewhite’s Online Phonics Training site for practitioners, trainee teachers and newcomers to the world of phonics. I wholeheartedly recommend this method for improving the knowledge and expertise of teachers in the classroom, both in EYFS and KS1.


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Free Printable Resources:

Certificates from Geraldine the Giraffe – Certificates to edit and print out for children who have successfully learnt a new phoneme/grapheme.

Phonics-based Spelling Lists – A selection of words for each sound/spelling pattern.

Graphemes and Spelling Patterns – A list of the order of teaching the GPCs (Grapheme to Phoneme Correspondences).

High Frequency Words Order of Teaching – A list of the order of teaching the High Frequency Words.

Dinosaurs for Learning Styles

Askaraptor      Mistakosaurus     Thinkodocus    Tryatops